Integrity, Passion, Commitment


A member of the Board of Education since August 2008, Cathy's integrity is reflected in her consistent focus on the entire Indian Prairie community. She advocates and makes decsions that will influence the district's performance every day. Her passion is to positively impact the learning of every student and support families in the role of inspiring their children to reach their full potential.  Her commitment is demonstrated by her ongoing status as a Master Board Member, and becoming a Leadershop Academy Fellow in 2013.  She continues to serve on the Parent Diversity Advisory Council of 204 and has served on the Community Alliance for Prevention since 2014.  

Cathy was appointed to the Board of Education in August 2008 and re-elected in 2009 and 2013. She has served as Board Vice President and Board Secretary.  Currently she also serves as the Vice Chair for the DuPage Division of  the Illinois Association of School Boards. 



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