Fred Rogers

This is what we need to get to. At the heart of my drive to work on the board of education for one of the greatest districts in the country, is understanding that we have the ability to shine the light on children.   They are our future.  Yet, as I begin to see promises of lowering taxes as a campaign slogan, I wonder if our community can move beyond this “no taxes”, “more taxes” red herring. If your main plan is simply to lower taxes, if that is what you want to stand for, then you miss the complete point of what government is about.  

Our children need leaders to put their big boy/girl pants on, solve the problem of inadequate funding for educating all our students, including early childhood.  I am not a spendthrift, but lowering taxes is not a solution.  We have a funding problem.  We have a resource problem.  It can be fixed, and it can work and be fair.  It will never make everyone happy, but that is the sign of a good solution.  We need to talk about what we need to do for our children.  Like Fred did.