Our Children are the Future

Our children are the future.  It is our collective responsibility to protect, educate and nurture all of them.  As an educator, a parent, a social worker, a homeowner, and citizen, I implore our community to continue to support our public schools.  Indian Prairie School District #204 is achieving excellence because our community values children. 

There are many voices working to devalue the institution of public schools.  Blaming teachers for a pension they were promised, expecting the school experience to be the same as 50 years ago, when our economy and society is moving exponentially into the future (self –driving cars!), promises of lowering taxes as campaign slogans, when instead we should be talking about how we can best serve the community within our means.  We need to understand what “within our means” means.  It has to be fair.  The impact of Proration of General State Aid has resulted in our district not receiving $10,640,000 for the last five years.  That has been difficult for our district.  It has devastated poor districts. 

I value being a part of an educated caring community.  Moreover, I would be honored to continue to serve as a board member for Indian Prairie School District #204.