What am I going to do?

This Question: What do you hope to accomplish in office?
— Naperville Patch

What do you hope to accomplish in office?

Four major issues we face are the budget, building maintenance, possible boundary adjustments, and student achievement.  The first three issues are intertwined with how well we communicate with the community. We have a great deal at stake, and it will be our collective responsibility to ensure our community will embrace the need to ensure excellence in our students’ education.

Measuring our goal for academic achievement has been difficult with the many moving parts of curriculum and testing changes over the years.  These discussions have caused us to consider an approach that will look at the “whole” child. We want to adopt alternative ways that consider ‘authentic learning’ when we measure college and career readiness.

A final issue I intend to continue to pursue is legislation that will eliminate the presence of students in our schools that are utilized as polling locations.   It is an unnecessary risk we should not have to make.