There is so much to learn and understand when you serve your community's Public Education Institution.

Get some facts

District Goals

There were 25 District Goals when Cathy first started on the board.   Within one year of being on the board, we had a new Superintendent, Dr. Kathryn Birkett. As we considered the direction of the district, including the need to build trust with the community after a divisive referendum for a 3rd high school and with the advisement of our new Superintendent, a decision was made to ensure focus for all administrators and staff with four primary goals.  These goals have remained a consistent measure for the superintendent and the board's work.   They encompass the real decisions the board needs to make.   With a 329 to 1 ratio of students to administrators, this focus is essential to maintaining a lean budget, as well as a workplace that is valued by staff, and leads to exceptional 21st Century learning for students.

Through a great deal of hard work, with fellow Board Member Mike Raczak, the 4 district goals are reflected in the Superintendents Contract and her Evaluation process.  The primary job of a school board is to ensure the right person is leading the district, Cathy and Mike have dedicated a great deal of time to creating an evaluation process that includes a mid-year formative and end of year summative evaluation.  Collaboratively with the entire board, a process has been crafted over the past four years.  It is still a work in progress, but it is a stand out for School Districts across the country.

Finance and Demographics

Getting to know the Demographics of the District was something Cathy had been doing long before she was appointed to the board.  This fast fact sheet will provide some good information for those wanting to learn a bit more.

The fantastic communication department for IPSD 204 created a Data Lab so community members can see how the district compares to the state as well as other comparable Unit School Districts in our area.  Please take a look, it is user friendly and can answer many questions related to cost and achievement of  students.